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Are you blessed with a beard? If you do, we know that you love your beard...
And this is how you can make all the ladies love your beard too...
Collectible and limited edition handmade exclusive gifts by Ast Products No Ordinary Soaps.

The perfect gift for your beard.
Organic & Handmade Beard Kit with all the essentials.
Beard Wash. Beard Oil. Beard Balm. Moustache wax. Perfume Oil.
And all the above with a scent of brandy-vanilla mix.
Comes into a cotton lunch soft box packing.
Complimentary gift, two combs for beard care.

Side effects may occur after use: endless kisses and fever adoration
for your beard... Most probably you won't be able to keep the wild cats
away from you...

Beard Kit is actually the secret for unforgettable moments!!!
Smoothing experience both for your face and body.
The beauty of life is in the details. YOLO... You only live once!!!
So DIY your happiness...

***-Please, as delicious it may smell, don't eat it !!!
***-It is designed for external use and not as a desert for your mouth...

We always stick to our principles:
Organic and vegan ingredients,
no animal testing,
paraben free,
chemical free,
no synthetics,
organic natural fragrances.

are naturally made body products and handmade soaps with attention to detail and quality!!!!!

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