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Collectible and limited edition handmade exclusive gifts by Ast Products No Ordinary Soaps. The perfect gift for him... clean soap for the face, pre-shave oil for endless kisses and after-shave balm to keep the wild animals as near as possible...

MEN COLLECTION is actually the secret for relaxing and unforgettable moments !!! Smoothing experience both for your face and body. The beauty of life is in the details. YOLO You only live once!!! So DIY your happiness.

Yes...Winter is here and so are we !!! Who is afraid of winter's cold when AST products-no ordinary soaps create so many amazing and natural body products?

Let your skin feel comfy and safe with the cold winter kiss... And you know that a well moisture skin is a happy skin... Healthy, sparkling and lovable enough to make everyone get jealous of your wellness!!!

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